Monday 20th April 2015

We were out on our boat and met this fantastic couple. Steve and Sarah who are the proud owners of a beautiful Steve Hudson Boat. Steve does not stop cleaning it. He even makes his Sarah open the two lock gates so he does not scratch the blacking. They are a proper Essex couple. The


Monday 3rd March 2014

Our Team dog learning the ropes with a member of the team. Its a dogs life. Update: The Company Dog is in the Dog House. He was left in the car for 2 minutes and he has eaten a whole loaf of bread and was sitting on the wrapper, trying to hide the evidence.


Saturday 5th April 2014

We are still selling boats quicker than we can supply the demand. We have taken 12 deposits for boats in the last 4 days. We sell many boats before we even have time to load them on our web site to the lists of buyers waiting to buy a boat. If you are thinking of


Kings Bromley Marina

One of our team were at Kings Bromley Marina today and took a picture of one of the many christmas decorations that have been put up in the Marina. The staff and the moorers put in so much effort every year regarding the christmas lights. They look fantastic after dark.

High House Wharf

We are now also operating our excellent Brokerage Service from High House Wharf in Weedon, Northampton. Boats wanted for brokerage in the surrounding area. We have lists of genuine buyers waiting to buy your boat. Call us on 01889 881960 or see the sellers link on our Web Site. Selling?